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Dee Randall
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"chembake" wrote in message

Dee Randall wrote:
Here are a few pictures of cinnamon rolls
to illustrate what I'm referring to.
The thicker/higher ones are what I would refer to as cinnamon rolls, and
thinner/flatter ones I would refer to as cinnamon pastry.
Of these on the first page, the one that most closely resembles the
recipe I
would like to make is 1130-cinnamon roll-danish and it is a little dryer

Does anyone have a recipe, maybe one that I would not have to layer the
dough with butter like making a croissant, that might make something
to the 1130-cinnamon roll-danish. I've googled, but found nothing with
pictures; perhaps referring me to a recipe in a cookbook, that if I don't
have, I can check out at the library.
Thanks so much.

That would be difficult Dee
That product you selected is made through lamination the
same way as the croissant.

Hmmm: I suspected that, but for some reason, it had the texture more of a