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Lewis Perin
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Rick Chappell writes:

TeaDave wrote:
I recently discovered that I had an ounce of Sencha Fukujyu that I had
forgotten about. I tried brewing it for 3 minutes with less than
boiling water, and it was horrible. Tasted like some sort of awful
spinach. I am aware that it is supposed to taste like spinach, but I

I think it's supposed to taste like really good spinach.

(Try very cool water, even down to 150 degrees).

You might try it even cooler than that: 140F. And 3 minutes might be
too long for a first steep; I rarely go longer than 2 minutes for a
first steep of sencha, and usually pour off the tea liquor
*immediately* on the second steep. But these aren't ironbound rules;
you'll probably benefit from experimenting.

Lew Perin /