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Mike Fulton
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Oh, I absolutely love the hu-kwa. To be honest, I think it has become
my favorite blend of tea thusfar.

So far I have expanded my tea drinking beyond keemun. Just this past
week my girlfriend gave me a box of Twinings English Breakfast, and to
be honest with you, I didn't much care for it. Perhaps because in the
mornings I normally either drink Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong, or
Coffee, but I found the tannins to be too overwelming, and I couldn't
enjoy the flavor of the tea like I do with Earl Grey or Keemun. I have
thought about giving darjeeling a try when I run out of the 100g tins
of PoW and EG, but I have heard that if you don't like English
Breakfast, you want like darjeeling.