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Rona Y. wrote:
"jmcquown" wrote in message
I was given a package of Contadina "fresh" angel-hair pasta. Long
story short, the foreign guy at the store stocked about 6 packages
of it on the shelf along with the dried pasta because he didn't (or
couldn't) read that it said "must be refrigerated or frozen". His
boss is also foreign but is very literate; he was educated in

Your prejudices are showing again...

Not prejudice, simply a statement of fact. If you talked to this man (Ali)
you'd see for yourself he barely speaks/reads English. I pointed out to him
it needed to be refrigerated. The next day it was still on the shelf.
That's when I told his more literate boss (Abdul) the same thing. He read
the package and promptly removed the (by then dried out and unsaleable)
pasta from the shelf and gave me a free package from the cooler as a thank

Would it have been better for me to ignore it and let them lose an entire
case of the stuff because Ali can't read English? Better to leave them
wondering if they shouldn't stock it because no one would buy it in that

If that's prejudice then I should have kept my mouth shut and let them lose
a bunch of money. Maybe if I behaved that way I could single-handedly run
them out of business by letting their products rot on the shelves. Yeah,
that's the ticket.

You truly have no clue about me and I'll thank you to avoid slapping labels
on me.