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Jenn Ridley wrote:
I cook lots at once and freeze... but have discovered an odd
phenomenon. Some frozen pies, when taken out of the freezer, are not
rock hard, but bend in when pressed, a but like rubber. Not just

bend a
little, but a lot. Pastry is hard, filling is much harder than at

temp, but nothing like ice, hold them firmly and a thumb disappears
into them.

I've checked the freezer temp, its -16C. I know -18 would be ideal,

16 is what we've got... thats way below freezing.

My number 1 question is can these things be safely eaten, or do I

to throw them all away? And whats going on? aliens?

What kind of pies? Fruit pie fillings (with sugar and thickeners)
won't freeze solid. Custard-y pies probably won't freeze solid,

Not everything freezes at 32F (or -16C, for that matter). (F'rex, if
you freeze something with alcohol in it, it won't freeze solid, but
will slush up nicely, as the water freezes and the alcohol doesn't).

Stuff lasts longer at freezer temps than at room temps because
bacteria doesn't multiply as fast at freezer temps (many are killed

freezer temps).

I'd say that you can probably eat the pies safely, but it would help
if you would tell us what kind of pies.
Jenn Ridley :

Theyre both fruit pies, of different types.
One is chopped apple and blackcurrants with an egg milk mix poured
The other is based on fruit juice, with a few bits and pieces to
flavour it, and egg to set it. Neither has any added sugar other than
whats in the fruit (sugar, ick)

So if the effect on the bugs is the same I should be fine...

Thanks Jenn