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Sold, will try the seasoned flour and butter tonite, Steve's method next
week! Will let you know the results.
"AlleyGator" wrote in message
"Sarah" wrote:

I saw a conversation the other day about how delicious roast cauliflower
was, well I've baught a cauli, but now what? Do I break it into florettes
roast it whole? What about fat/liquid? Brush with butter or put some stock
in the bottom of the roasting tin? Help please!

I'll tell you how I like it the best, but it's not exactly healthy.
Boil it till it's still a little crunchy, dry it off in a towel real
well, and toss it with some flour, salt and pepper. Fry it in butter
until it browns a little bit. Listen to your arteries snap shut with
each bite.