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Dana H. Myers
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phyteach wrote:
> Greetings all,
> Broke down and bought the Char-Broil silver smoker, formerly
> known as the NBBD

Are you sure? I think it was formerly know as the NBSS, often
shortened to NBS.

> However, I think that
> the piece that hangs down might be too large and too restrictive as I
> could only get to about 230 on the cooking grate. Fire was briquettes
> (yeah, I know...) and firebox vents were wide open.

Try some lump; briquettes have never run as hot for me.
I suppose I could try cooking something with briquettes,
I haven't in a long time, and pay close attention, but I
bet you need a firebox pretty full of briquettes to get
over 250F.