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On 11-Apr-2005, "phyteach" > wrote:

> Greetings all,
> Broke down and bought the Char-Broil silver smoker, formerly
> known as the NBBD. Here are a few observations:
> Faily easy to assemble, all parts included, and all teh holes lined up
> as they should. I noticed a gap (~1/16 to 1/32 inch) between the
> firebox and the smoking chamber. Since the face of the smoking chamber
> was a bit bulged, I assume that it is normal.
> I made two of the mods in the FAQ, the flashing in the exhaust stack,
> and the flashing over the firebox exit. I decided to be crafty with
> the second, though. I figured "Hey, they make hi-temp gaskets out of
> aluminium, why not place the flashing on the surface between the
> firebox and the smoking chamber?" And before anyone asks, no the
> flashing isn't causing the gap, as I tried it both with and without. I
> simply traced the hole pattern and it worked. However, I think that
> the piece that hangs down might be too large and too restrictive as I
> could only get to about 230 on the cooking grate. Fire was briquettes
> (yeah, I know...) and firebox vents were wide open. It was about 60,
> sunny and no wind, with the unit in the sunshine. I am going to either
> remove some material, or see if I can slant it upward a bit more to
> increase airflow. Any thoughts are appreciated.
> Regards,
> Scott

I won't try to tell you what to do Scott. That mod at the firebox opening
into the cook chamber is solely designed to keep radient heat, (that is
IR heat direct from hot coals/flame from getting into the cook chamber.)
By and large it only affects the first 1/4 of the grate next to the firebox.
Do an eyeball inspection on your pit. Wherever your meat can see fire,
that is what you're trying to avoid. Adjust you modifications accordingly.

Brick (Keep the shiny side up)

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