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Anyone know if these mods are safe for the Sierra Smoker? They look very
similar (aside from smokestack location). I definatley notice a huge "hot
spot" on the firebox end of the somker chamber. I'm losing 1/3 of the grill
area because of it.

"phyteach" > wrote in message
> Greetings all,
> Broke down and bought the Char-Broil silver smoker, formerly
> known as the NBBD. Here are a few observations:
> Faily easy to assemble, all parts included, and all teh holes lined up
> as they should. I noticed a gap (~1/16 to 1/32 inch) between the
> firebox and the smoking chamber. Since the face of the smoking chamber
> was a bit bulged, I assume that it is normal.
> I made two of the mods in the FAQ, the flashing in the exhaust stack,
> and the flashing over the firebox exit. I decided to be crafty with
> the second, though. I figured "Hey, they make hi-temp gaskets out of
> aluminium, why not place the flashing on the surface between the
> firebox and the smoking chamber?" And before anyone asks, no the
> flashing isn't causing the gap, as I tried it both with and without. I
> simply traced the hole pattern and it worked. However, I think that
> the piece that hangs down might be too large and too restrictive as I
> could only get to about 230 on the cooking grate. Fire was briquettes
> (yeah, I know...) and firebox vents were wide open. It was about 60,
> sunny and no wind, with the unit in the sunshine. I am going to either
> remove some material, or see if I can slant it upward a bit more to
> increase airflow. Any thoughts are appreciated.
> Regards,
> Scott