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Dana H. Myers
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phyteach wrote:

> Lump is hotter, but is it also fairly consistent?


> In other words will
> the same amount of lump generate the same amount of heat,
> approximately.

Yes, at least.

> Also, does lump last longer than briquettes?

In my experience, for a given mass of lump, you
get more cooking than the same mass of briquettes.
Never really done research on lump vs briquettes
'cause briquettes smell funny and leave trash in
the firepit.

> I know it
> doesn't ash as much.

Yeah, lump generates ash. Briquettes leave a pile
of lime and crap in the bottom of the firebox, I suppose
there's some ash in there but it's more like unmixed
concrete than ash.

Find a good source for lump and you'll never look back.
(I'm fortunate to be able to visit Lazarri's and will-call
40lbs bags of hardwood lump when I want; but Wal-Mart also
carries Royal Oak)