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Dana H. Myers wrote:
> phyteach wrote:
> > Greetings all,
> >
> > Broke down and bought the Char-Broil silver smoker, formerly
> > known as the NBBD

> Are you sure? I think it was formerly know as the NBSS, often
> shortened to NBS.

That may be, I drew that conclusion based only on 732 sq in cooking
area as listed in the FAQ.

> > However, I think that
> > the piece that hangs down might be too large and too restrictive as

> > could only get to about 230 on the cooking grate. Fire was

> > (yeah, I know...) and firebox vents were wide open.

> Try some lump; briquettes have never run as hot for me.
> I suppose I could try cooking something with briquettes,
> I haven't in a long time, and pay close attention, but I
> bet you need a firebox pretty full of briquettes to get
> over 250F.
> Dana

Lump is hotter, but is it also fairly consistent? In other words will
the same amount of lump generate the same amount of heat,
approximately. Also, does lump last longer than briquettes? I know it
doesn't ash as much.