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Charles Gifford
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"Dan Abel" > wrote in message
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> > So it's snowing and the temperature is dropping rapidly. That's a
> > good sign that there won't be any fruit on the trees this year, either
> > so I'll have to buy fruit for jam. Dang. I don't think we've had a
> > crop since 1998.

> I just got back from a walk outside, in my short sleeve shirt. I saw lots
> of young ladies in shorts.
> --
> Dan Abel
> Sonoma State University

Well, it is RAINING AGAIN, here in, Sandy Eggo. Did my shopping
in shorts and short sleeves though. I got some nice asparagus for 99 lb.
My Coral tree is in full bloom which is odd as it still has all it's leaves.
Normally the leaves drop, then it blooms. I hope it quits raining before my
evergreen pear starts blossoming.