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JimLane wrote:

>> There's a difference between "authentic" and "historically accurate."

> Hmmm, tacos are Mexican by origin. Authentic means of undisputed origin
> (among its many definitions) and coke is US, so a taco with coke is not
> Mexican nor a taco nor authentic.
> My point of view based on a common definition.

So you're saying (for example) that since chiles were not native to Hungary,
anything with paprika can't possibly be authentically Hungarian?

Not all foods have an undisputed origin. Cesar Salad, Fettuccine Alfredo,
Peach Melba, Pavlova... the origin of all those is clearly defined, and
there are others, I'm not sure that tacos as we know them really have that
same distinction.

(Moreover, Coca-Cola is FAR from a strictly-US product.)

But I can see that we're not going to come to any agreement on this; all I
did was quote a good recipe for shredded beef for tacos. I have no interest
in debating the definition or merits of authenticity.