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> Thanks to all for the caramelized carrot ideas. They will be useful.
> My favorite thing about the Peg Bracken "I Hate to Cook Book" series
> was the chapter headings, with their subtitles. Two that I remember
> a
> "Last Minute Suppers, or--How to get the Chenille Marks off your face
> before your Husband Comes Home".
> and
> "Pot Luck Dinners, or--How to bring the Water for the Lemonade".
> Anyone else remember more of them?
> Nancree

Counter Attack - Paddling Through The Combat Zone
Cooking if Alone - Eating With Your Shoes Off
The Daily Antilcimax - Entrées For The Simple-Minded & The Pure In Heart
Spuds and Other Starches - Or Ballast Is A Girl's Best Friend
Luncheon for the Girls - Or Wait Till You Taste Maybelle's Peanut Butter
Stealing from Knowledgeable People - I Seen Her When She Done It But I
Never Let On
Last Minute Suppers - Or This Is The Story Of Your Life (note the change
in subtitles from your version).
My titles are from The Compleat I Hate To Cook Book
-Barb, <> Sweet Potato Follies added 2/24/05.
"I read recipes the way I read science fiction: I get to the end and
say,'Well, that's not going to happen.'" - Comedian Rita Rudner,
performance at New York, New York, January 10, 2005.