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Michael Pronay wrote:
There is a transcript of the interview on the Parker board:


For those of you who have not seen the video, RMP Jr aka the Pope of
Parkton, seemed more relaxed then in his previous Rose interview as did
Rose who in the earlier interview almost wet his drawers over the 2000
Bordeaux vintage. Bob was always a subtle self promoter from the time I
first met him in 1978 or so, but I believe he has accepted his
noteriety more in the last few years then before and that was reflected
in the interview. He is no longer "the new kid on the block" fighting
for confirmation from the British wine community or the French
propriators/merchants. He has set a proactive style of
consumer-oriented criticism and created a possesed band of cork-dorks
and acolytes among consumers who are at best an annoyance to local
merchants. There are many who take the Wine Advocate scores and
commentary in the way it was meant as a guide, but there are those who
become frenetic in their search for 95+ point wines and insistence that
they imbibe nothing less rated. None of this seems to faze Parker, in
private, and as he showed in the Rose piece he still is mildly amused
by his ascendency to fame and fortune. How awful would our hobby be if
he were as heavy handed as the Wine Spectator or as dense to Americans
as Michael Broadbent?