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Default "Al Qaeda" does not exist

I have had more than enough of this big lie. I suppose
the shit hit the fan with the announced publishing of the
reputed thoughts of "Al Qaeda", a fictionalized organization
created by the CIA through their control of Western media.

When the neo-CONS invaded Iraq they needed to show
results and that meant capturing the Iraqi leadership, and
that is what they did with the killing of Saddam Hussein's
sons and the capture of the man himself, pulling him from
a small hole in the ground.

Yet here we are three and one half years after 9-11 and not
a sign of Osama Bin Laden or his right hand man Ayman
al-Zawahri. Naturally I mean there is not a sign of either of
them being captured; the two of them are a constant presence
in the "news".

Not only are these two more elusive than Aladdin's lamp, but
their reputed "Al Qaeda" associate in Iraq -Abu Musab
al-Zarqawi- continues to issue edicts and threats (or so the
CIA claims through the Western media) with the same $25mil
bounty on his head as the Hussein's had to contend with in
what proved a losing battle.

How is it that these three "Al Qaeda" leaders succeed where
the Hussein's so easily -and quickly- succumbed? Who else
on this planet defies the all mighty Pentagon/CIA monster led
by the Israelis and continues to breathe air among the living
and roam free?

Really now, let us genuflect upon the differences. The Hussein's
literally tried to hide the very fact that they were alive. For a long
time we were treated to rumors that Saddam might have been
blown up right in the beginning, yet his sons were killed and
Saddam was extracted from a hole in the ground in the middle of
nowhere in less than one third the time in which the Al Qaeda
brothers have been staring on international television.

"Carlos the Jackal" was for decades the most famous and wanted
terrorist in the world. For decades we not only did not know what
he looked like but we did not know his real name. Even today after
Ilich Ramirez Sanchez has been tried in France and sentenced to
life, and had appeals heard in public most people in the FBI and
CIA could not pick him out of a lineup without preparation.

On the other hand, the three amigos of "Al Qaeda" command a
larger platform than Al Jazeera, but remain eternally elusive while
this extraordinary state of being goes largely uncommented upon
by any major figures in the Western "press". You would think that
by now the heads of literally dozens of agencies in branches of the
military and Intelligence would have come off for their failure to find
these "elusive" creatures who seem to hold court at will for an
international audience every week, yet I cannot think of one dismissal
for that reason nor cite one major newspaper or TV network calling
for such action.

The whole thing bears an eerie likeness to George Orwell's "1984"
where the population is daily bombarded with supposed edicts and
threats from the fictionalized Emmanuel Goldstein.

In "1984" the population is all consumed by the unspoken "doublethink"
message that Emmanuel Goldstein was an unconquerable enemy who
the empire nonetheless was daily scoring wins against, not unlike the
seemingly unstoppable "Al Qaeda" who -nonetheless we are told- are
losing their battle against us.

And has any of us ever heard from one of these "senior leaders" in
"Al Qaeda"?


No one ever goes on trial, and indeed we are told that none of them
will ever be put on trial. Secret military tribunals yes, public trials no.

So what and who do we have for confirmation that "Al Qaeda"
actually exists?

Why "CIA confirmations" through the Western media of course! CIA
confirmations which are then unthinkingly circulated through the non-
Western media which causes these poor, desperate Arab and Muslim
groups to believe that such an entity as "Al Qaeda" really exists, and
so they pledge their group (or cell) allegiance to a supposed "underground"
terrorist group and leadership which has an international platform from
which to speak at will, and the Western media always "forget" to mention
the name of the local group and simply tell us they are "members of Al Qaeda".


How much longer until Osama Bin Laden appears on a box of Wheaties?

If Johnny Carson were still with us and hosting the Tonight Show I wouldn't
be surprised to see Osama Bin Laden turn up as a guest host.

"Live from somewhere else on planet Earth, heerrrrrre's Osama!"

If Hollywood concocted such a movie it would be laughed at ("Robocop"
was funny at one time), yet this big lie continues to circulate unquestioned
week after week for at least three and one half years now, during which
time the three amigos of "Al Qaeda" have made more appearances on my
TV than have Jim Carrey, Robin Williams and Adam Sandler.

How much more of this insanity, how many more dead bodies in Iraq,
before we all summon the courage to say loudly and forcefully that the
emperor has no clothes?

How much longer before that treasonous piece of garbage James Kallstrom
is hauled before the TV cameras and an explanation for Building 7 is
demanded of him? When does his trial for treason begin? There
was more than enough evidence to try Kallstrom before 9-11.

Then there is the massive problem of "Homeland Security". This is not to
"protect the American people", it is to protect the rich and treasonous
_from_ the righteous rage of the American people whose jobs and futures
have been exported to the third world.

These are the same people who have propped up a criminal regime in
Columbia for four decades and are actively trying to overthrow Hugo Chavez
in Venezuela, even though President Chavez has been honestly elected to
the Presidency of Venezuela more times -just in the last few years!- than the
entire Bush family over the last sixty years.

These are the people who imported 50 million people into America who we
do not need here. These are the people who deindustrialized our nation.
These are the people who bombed us on 9-11. These are the people who
created the fictional "Al Qaeda". These are the people who created
"Homeland Security" to go to war with us because the scum fully understand
what they have done and realize their "panic rooms" will not save them.
These are the people who read the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence
as subversive documents.

You think everything is OK and the media are not "on the team"?

Then where is Jose Padilla?

They told you that the Supreme Court said his detention was illegal and thus
our freedom preserved, but Jose Padilla is still locked up without charges,
just as he was before they told us this big lie. The Fourth, Fifth and Sixth
Amendments to the Constitution are no longer in effect, not as long as
Jose Padilla remains caged.

And caged is the best that you can hope for in the future unless this thing
is stopped now. They are locking down the nation within even as the
Mexican border remains wide open, so easily penetrable that a huge
dirty bomb could be trucked across that border and delivered to any
American city.

And they claim they are trying to protect us.

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"What opinions the masses hold, or do not hold, is looked on as a matter of
indifference. They can be granted intellectual liberty because they have no
intellect. In a Party member, on the other hand, not even the smallest deviation
of opinion on the most unimportant subject can be tolerated." - George Orwell, "1984"