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Dan Abel
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In article , DG

Can anyone help me make a fresh salsa? The main part I am confused about
is what kind of tomato I should use (what species), what preparation
(boiled, peeled, chopped) and if it needs to be cooked at all. I am

Roma tomatoes work best, although any kind will work. If not using Romas,
let the tomatoes drain in a colander after dicing. Do not boil or peel
them or cook them in any way.

trying to mimic the excellent fresh salsa I can buy at the grocery store,

Homemade is better, because the tomatoes don't get mushy. That also means
you need to use it quickly, though.

which is also quite similar to those you get in restaurants. Other
ingredients I will use are garlic, cilantro, onion, chilies, and that's
about it. Am I missing anything?

I like a little lime juice.

I am confused how to make it, and especially, how to use the tomatoes.

Just cut everything up and mix.

Dan Abel
Sonoma State University