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On 3/2/21 4:18 PM, wrote:
Momofuko recipe for spicy pork chops and carrots
2015 Martin Mullen Trarbacher Huhnerberg Kabinett Trocken
Somewhat shrill, austere. I decided it wasnt a good match. Actually better on day 3, but on day 1 B-/C+

I have a number of MĂĽllen's Trockens in the cellar. Not a good sign
based on your reaction to this one.

Saturday we got one lobster as an appetizer
2019 Piuze €śTerroir de Chablis€ť Chablis
Seriously good for Chablis AC. Crisp lemon and pear, chalky minerality, vibrant acids. B++
One more (petty I admit) reason I wish this whole pandemic was past is that Id love to get a few people together to try all the village terroir wines together. Inconvenient for just Betsy and I!

I hear you. We end up with the dilemma of finishing a bottle between
the two of us or storing it for later, then dealing with a collection of
opened bottles a week or two later. In the end, we're probably
consuming more during our self-selected quarantine.

Roast chicken, leftover sweet potatoes, spinach
2011 Chevillon Nuits St Georges 1er Cru Vieilles Vignes
I ran across this and thought €śwell they say 2011 is early drinking, and it is a village wine.€ť Well, its also Chevillon. Tannic and acidic structure, the fruit is there but held in check. B/B- for drinking now, I think this will be excellent but this might be my only bottle

Woof! An '11 with that much tannin? That reminds me of my '07 Chandon
de Briailles P-V IdV bottles that have been hard as rocks.

Main course was Fluke ssam , with side of baby Shanghai

Wow, I like the sound of this course especially. Is it also from the
Momofuku cookbook?

Congrats, BTW, on getting your first dose of vaccine. Coincidentally,
Jean and I both got ours on the same day as you. Jean was almost giddy
with excitement thinking about being able to travel and go out again

Fun notes, as always!
Mark Lipton