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Default On how grocery stores are doing, in the U.S.

"Ed Pawlowski" > wrote in message
> On 4/18/2020 3:14 PM, wrote:
>> More on NYC:

> I imagine there are more changes to come in the next year. People change
> habits and adapt to a new reality, whatever that may be.
> How many will continue to cook instead of heading back to the restaurants?
> Not a good time to be in any retail or food business.

I am actually cooking far less now. Reason being, I can't find the
ingredients for what I would normally cook. We are having tuna casserole
about every two weeks. I did make that before but maybe once or twice a

We are mainly eating cereal. Lots of cereal. And frozen meals. Why? Those
things are available in the stores here. I don't like this kind of food very
much so my appetite has tanked. Meanwhile, J is going crazy on the cereal! I
didn't even know he liked it. I never bought it before. But I bought some
now because it was available and it has vitamins in it.