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Uncle Bob
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If you are ever in Ft. Worth, there is a store just a block or two north of
downtown called "Pendrey's" (I think). It's expensive but it has virtually
every variety of hot sauce that's made including a lot of haberno based
sauces. Tabasco has a haberno sauce that's not too bad. You can probably
figure out why they are so expensive. Do you remember the story about the
woman in Albuquerque that bought hot coffee at a McDonalds?

"LOU" wrote in message
news:[email protected]
I love "Tabasco" pepper sauce on most types of meats, eggs but I refuse to
pay the high price.

Now the haberno pepper (even with seeds) suits my taste but I have

the net for a sauce very similar to the Tabasco sauce (I find lots of
haberno sauces but not even remotely connected to the consistancy of
Tabasco. Some have mayonise, some have other ingredients but nothing

like a pour on sauce (I hope I am clear).

Soooo, if by odd chance does someone have a simple (meaning not a lot of
ingredients and not expensive to make), I would appreciate it