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David Wright
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On Thu, 16 Sep 2004 20:06:24 GMT, LOU wrote:

I love "Tabasco" pepper sauce on most types of meats, eggs but I refuse to
pay the high price.

Now the haberno pepper (even with seeds) suits my taste but I have searched
the net for a sauce very similar to the Tabasco sauce (I find lots of
haberno sauces but not even remotely connected to the consistancy of
Tabasco. Some have mayonise, some have other ingredients but nothing simple
like a pour on sauce (I hope I am clear).

Soooo, if by odd chance does someone have a simple (meaning not a lot of
ingredients and not expensive to make), I would appreciate it


Well, Lou, your message is very clear, but I think it has nothing to
do with Mexican cooking. Why do *you* think it does?