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Default Carrot Fries!

On Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 11:00:42 AM UTC-5, cshenk wrote:
Take carrots and cut lengthwise then placing the flat part down, cut to
fries (shoestring type cut works best here). You want enough for each
person to have 1 cup of carrot fries. Carrots are 52 calories a cup.
Potatoes are 105.

Dust the carrot pieces with 1/4 TB cornstarch per cup of cut carrots
then sprinkle with spices. We liked a sweet paprika and a whisky smoked
black pepper. Cornstarch is 30 calories per TB or 7.5 per 1/4 TB.

Drizzle 1/2 TB olive oil per cup of carrots and mix well. Olive oil is
variable by brand but the one on my counter says 120 per TB (15ML) so
60 calories used per cup of fries.

I had just finished baking bread at 400F so added these in a single
layer and flipped them 10 minutes later and they were done in about
another 10 minutes.


YUM!!! I'll eat 'em by the plateful! With fork, and spices!

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