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Default I'm now in the game

Melba's Jammin' wrote:
On 2018-10-15 02:27:55 +0000, notbob said:

Jes bought a copy of the Ball Blue Book and got me some beets to put up.

Do I need a pressure cooker fer "pickled beets" or will white vinegar
(5% acidity)? I'm jes under 8,000 feet elevation.

I plan to "julienne" them and then pickle 'em.

Didja look at the recipe in the BBB? :-)
If they're pickled you can process for x minutes (consider your
altitude) in a boiling water bath. How were they? (Mine won the blue
ribbon again at the 2018 MN State Fair. Still have never tasted them. )


we've stopped growing and pickling beets since
the main consumer of them no longer can eat them
(too much sugar). this is ok with me since it
then gives me more space for growing beans
(fresh, shellies and dry beans all are loved
here), tomatoes, squash, peppers, onions,

songbird (ready for spring