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Default Blind taste test

On Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 9:21:27 PM UTC+1, Thomas wrote:
Did Kerrygold butter vs Landolakes. Wife and I on mini bagles.
No diff by any taste. No name butter is 3 bucks per pound, Kerry is ten.
I am glad to try Kerry but the affair is over.
Is there a better butter than what we see?

In Denmark the things to look for a

- is the milk from Denmark or german cows? the cheapest butter is from german milk
- is it conventional or organic? if one doesnt care about organic, organic is often linked to it being made in a more traditional manner which in turn makes it better
- is it unsalted or salted? if saltd, is it "special" salt? butter with special salt is more salted and thus not for baking, but really nice for a charcuterie plate.
- is it "oldfashioned churned" , then the flavour is more pronounced ( often this is linked to being organic