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Dan Abel
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In article , David Wright

On Thu, 16 Sep 2004 20:06:24 GMT, LOU wrote:

I love "Tabasco" pepper sauce on most types of meats, eggs but I refuse to
pay the high price.

I think that it is reasonably cheap, given how little it takes most of the
time. Unless you use it by the gallon: C65

it's not that expensive. A 12oz bottle lasts me for a couple of years.

Soooo, if by odd chance does someone have a simple (meaning not a lot of
ingredients and not expensive to make), I would appreciate it


Well, Lou, your message is very clear, but I think it has nothing to
do with Mexican cooking. Why do *you* think it does?

Because many Mexican hot sauces are very similar? I like Tapatio, which
isn't made in Mexico. It is very cheap, sometimes on sale for US$.50 for
5 oz, but a little less hot than Tabasco. My daughter likes Valentina,
which is made in Mexico. It is very mild and very cheap. We (or she) pay
about US$2.00 per quart. There are a number of other brands. We buy them
at the local supermarket in the Mexican food section.

Dan Abel
Sonoma State University