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notbob writes:

The BBB sez, "Remove the band. Gently try to remove the lid with your
fingertips. If the lid is concave and cannot be removed with your
fingertips, the jar is vacuum sealed". It goes on to explain how to
store "ringless" jars. I'm still learning.

In addition, leaving the rings on can trap water and lead to rust
on the lid. If things all line up, that can make the seal fail.
(I think I got that from USDA.) The only problem is figuring out
where to put all those rings. They're almost as bad as piling up
as wire hangers.

I'm not a food scientist, so I try to stick to the the official
recommendations, even though I know they are intentionally conservative.

I'll admit to still having some 3-year pasta sauce (tomato & meat,
pressure canned) that I'm still finishing off.

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