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On Thu, 16 Sep 2004 14:03:55 -0700, Dan Abel wrote:

Because many Mexican hot sauces are very similar? I like Tapatio, which
isn't made in Mexico. It is very cheap, sometimes on sale for US$.50 for
5 oz, but a little less hot than Tabasco. My daughter likes Valentina,
which is made in Mexico. It is very mild and very cheap. We (or she) pay
about US$2.00 per quart. There are a number of other brands. We buy them
at the local supermarket in the Mexican food section.

One of my local supermarkets carries three types of Valentina.
The only one I've tried, supposedly the hottest (it says "Extra Hot"
on the label) isn't as hot as Tabasco. Although the label claims
that it contains only chile peppers, it seemed to have a slight
tomato-ey taste. Not bad though, and inexpensive. To pass Tabasco
on the Scoville scale, I'd guess you could add about 1/2 oz. of
Dave's Insanity Sauce to a 12 1/2 oz. bottle of Valentina.

Another brand carried locally is El Yucateco. Their "Salsa Picante
de Chile Habanero" is hot, but their "Salsa Kutbil-ik de Chile
Habanero" (Original Mayan Recipe) is hotter still, and thicker,
almost a paste, compared to the others.