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Default Dinner last night/ dinner tonight

Cindy Hamilton wrote:
> U.S. Janet B. wrote:
> Last night was grilled salmon, boiled potatoes, and tossed salad.
> Tonight will be leftover pork loin roast, sliced thinly, reheated
> in some of my homemade barbecue sauce, and served on buns. Probably
> tossed salads; maybe a quick cole slaw for me.

I sauteed one garlic clove (smashed and minced) in evoo minimal,
then added in lots of steamed asparagus and some butter to sautee
a bit longer...then I added 4 eggs to make scrambled eggs with
garlic and asparagus. One piece of buttered toast and....better
than I could have imagined.

I'm going to repeat this meal today for a lunch to use up the
asparagus. So darn good.