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Default How Do You Sift Brown Sugar?

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This drives me mad as well! If I don't sieve it when making my carrot cake,
it lumps in the cake and is rubbish!
So time consuming and frustrating!

3 months since your thread, so you may have Googled the answer. If I want to
convert say white regular granulated into confectioners or powdered sugar, I
use a blender. Do you have a stand-alone blender or one that attaches to a
food processor? If yes, the answer is to blend the quantity in several
batches i.e. cover the blades by 2 inches of sugar only.

I use the same technique, if I sieve brown sugar, in particular the sticky
stuff which maybe high in molasses. The only difference is, I add cornflour,
which will help it stop 'caking'. I use about 1 teaspoon per cup, rather
than 1 tablespoon, as suggested here :-