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Default Lemon Delights

On 01/21/2018 10:01 AM, Bobbie Sellers wrote:
A little error corrected below.
****The Lemon Delights are a candied lemon slice encased is 56%
dark chocolate.* These are handmade in Valencia Spain and 5.4 oz. 140
grams in the USA at the Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco they cost
US $8.95
****Strangely they are worth the money.
****About once or twice a year I decide to indulge myself in
these choice morsels.

****I really love the taste of lemon against the chocolate.
****Here we used to see a very nice dark Chocolate bar with lemon
and almond but that Luscious Lemon bar has not been available for
over a year.* If I could eat dairy products then there is at least
one bar with lemon and lemon salt but eating a tiny portion gave me
a sore throat as it is white chocolate which is quite delicious
but which gives me a sore throat due to my allergies and food



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