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On 5/17/17 12:08 PM, Bi!! wrote:
Just curious if anyone here uses a Coravin? I received one as a gift
and I have been using it frequently for a variety of purposes. It
allows me to pour a glass of wine without opening the bottle and get
multiple days if not weeks out of the remainder of the bottle if I
only feel like a glass. I also use it to take a small sample for
food matching purposes and if it's doesn't work I put it back in the
cellar with no ill effects. It also allows me to try a wine before
dinner to see if a wine is in good shape if I'm having guests. Not
trying to sell the device just wondering how many use one.

I've certainly heard a lot about them, not least of which was about the
fear that they could be used for fraudulent purposes. I wouldn't mind
having one

Mark Lipton
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