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Default No sushi in E. Ill? Say it ain't so!!!

On Wednesday, May 20, 1998 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, Jennifer Hemphill Tatroe wrote:
In article , kk wrote:

I'm going to be moving to Illinois soon, to the Danville
(Champaign/Ubana) area. My colleague, who has always lived there, tells
me there are NO sushi bars/restaurants anywhere near. Gack. I'm even
willing to cross state lines -- please someone, tell me I will be able
to feed my habit. And my face.

Never fear, I moved away from Champaign about a year ago, but my first
sushi experiences were there. There's a Japanese place called "Kamakura"
on South Neil Street in Champaign that's fairly good. I believe "Miko"
also has sushi, though they have a bit of an identity crisis and are
pretty expensive.


Jennifer Hemphill Tatroe

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