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Default Costco finds

On 2016-02-28, Nancy Young > wrote:

> White Lily seems like the go to brand that people swear by.

I usta buy Martha White, as I though both brands were made with soft
winter wheat. I'm now having problems finding which flour Martha
White uses, despite Smuckers owning both brands. White Lily seems to
have taken the "organic" route. It advertises "non-GMO" AND soft red
winter wheat, so lucky me!

> What, no Log Cabin??

Log Cabin hasn't sold a real maple syrup in yrs, if ever. Their
"Natural" maple syrup is bogus. OTOH, they are one of the few brands
that you can buy which labels their product as HFCS-free, allegedly a
first fer USA made foods. I have an unopened bottle (non-HFCS) of Log
Cabin Syrup left over from when I usta fix Mom's breaky. It'll do
until I find some real maple syrup.

BTW, products that are labeled as "natural" are basically trying to
rip you off. It's the latest buzz word on grocer's shelves, matched
only by the currently ubiquitous, "gluten-free" nonsense. If
something is labeled as "natural", it is probably not even remotely
organic. In fact, the FDA doesn't even have an official definition
for the word, "natural", but you now see it offered by everyone.

Jes an FYI ....poison hemlock and asbestos are fully 100% natural.