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Default Forget Survival Food... what about snacks?

"jmcquown" wrote in message
Yes, snack boxes delivered to your door!

Sorry, but it sounds pretty silly to me.

People seem to like them. I get Kitnip boxes. The cats love it when that
arrives and they know it is for them. And if I didn't have food issues, I
might even get those. I love getting surprises. I signed up for cosmetic
boxes to come when I was a teen. I only got 2 or 3 of them then quit
because some of what I got was stuff I'd never use and by then I had so much
perfume, I didn't need to buy any more. When Angela was younger, she was in
a craft of the month club for probably a year. She liked it for a while but
then got too busy with other things to be able to actually do the crafts.