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Default What cereal to eat for Breakfast?

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: I remember my brother eating that: cereals with milk, also a special
: type of cereal, I bet that was a sweet kind. No wonder one gets fat.

: Here a typical breakfast is 2 slices of bread with a very thin slice of
: cheese *or* ham on top, accompanied by tea, sometimes coffee.

: M. Most children here in the US on school days will eat a some juice, a
bowl of cerea and milk and , maybe some milk o drink. Mornings in the US
are surried on school days like in most partsof the world. Cereal in
placeofsoem toast is not a big difference. the big eggs, cereal, or
pancakes with syrup , etc breakfasts would be a weekend kind of treat.
The large breakfast was from the days when so many were farmers and was
not eaten on arising, but after utting in a few early hours milking the
cows, mucking out the barn, etc so a big a ppetite was worked up. There
is some carry ove, but not on working or school days for most peope .
some kids get breakfast in school adn that is a small container of Orange
juice, a small box of cereal, 8 oz of milk and, sometime a half or whole
small banana. Often they don't drink the juice. when my sone was in
kindergarten, the teacher used to get the unopened left over juice form
the cafeteria and the little ones had a mid-morning snack.


Actually much more popular than cereal for kids would be some kind of
prepacked thing. A granola bar, Nutrigrain bar, Poptart or similar. I
don't know of too many kids who would take the time to eat a bowl of cereal
then. Much more common to be eaten at dinner. At least here.

Angela eats some cereal now but rarely for breakfast. Although she was
eating whole wheat bagels for a while, she switched to baby carrots and
cheese. Now she has aerobics at 7:20 each morning and that teacher is
pushing the carbs big time. She told the parents not to let them diet and
to give them lots of food, lots of carbs and whatever they wanted to eat. I
was like... Are you freaking kidding me? Now she eats toast with some
sunbutter and all fruit spread most mornings. Sometimes a yogurt or a piece
of cheese instead.