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Default Will lamp rib chops hurt a dog?

Todd wrote:
: On 06/26/2013 01:13 PM, Todd wrote:
: Hi All,
: I have discovered the smell of Lamb makes me want
: to hurl. Guess my tastes have changed with the NIDDM.
: Anyway, a customer gave me a package of lamp rib
: chops. I don't want to throw them in the trash or
: give them back to him and hurt his feeling.
: One of my neighbors has a dog. Would (raw) lamb rib
: chops hurt his dog?
: Many thanks,
: -T

: Hi All,

: I just noticed the "lamp" typo. Into everyone's life
: a little humility must fall.

: I gave the lamB chops to a customer who loves lamB
: on Thursday. He gave me a dozen fresh organic eggs
: from his chickens. I wonder who made out better?

: Oh, he also told me a technique to test for a bad
: egg(s): place them in water. If they sink, they are
: good. If they float, they are bad.

: -T
Unless the water is heavily salted:-)