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Default Pickle Crisp and Fermented pickles

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George Shirley wrote:
On 6/18/2013 3:49 PM, Mark Curry wrote:
Hi all - regular lurker here with a question.

Last year took I took a dive into making various pickles with mostly
success. Dilled Carrots, Olive Oil Pickles, and a few quick pickles
were a great hit.

The Half-Sours that I tried tasted ok, but were mushy.
Most are still sitting in the fridge waiting some kind of
use as a relish or chutney, where the texture won't be noticed.

Fermented pickles don't do well at all with Pickle Crisp Mark, PC is
primarily for making fresh pickles and, even then, they need to sit in a
dark place for a few weeks in order to be crisp.

Best advice I can give you for fermented pickles is to keep them in ice
water, very near freezing for a lengthy time and then ferment them. Lots
of recipes for fermented pickles on the web and how to keep them crisp.
Hope this helps.

Thanks - this sort of advice is exactly what I was looking for. Putting them
up tonight, will let everyone know in a few weeks how things turn out.