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Default Exploding pills?

"Ian Field" wrote in message

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This is a strange one. I do up our pills, two weeks at time in those
oversized boxes with sliding tops that are marked off for 4 times of the
day. I keep mine near the computer and Angela's were here too but hers
were in a bad place and kept getting knocked off. So I put them on top
of the little refrigerator. It is not actually in the kitchen proper but
at the edge of it, under a piece of countertop that sticks out into the
dining room. On the other side of it is the laundry room.

Angela takes Colestipol which is a cholesterol med. She does not take it
for that reason. It is off label for the problems that her Glumetza
(Metformin) is causing her.

I noticed last night that some of the Colestipol pills had a split down
the side. Some but not all. Then by this morning, they were split wide
open. And now? It's as though they exploded from within. They are still
split but are HUGE!

Are they anywhere near a leaky microwave oven?

Not near the microwave. It's new and I don't think it leaks.