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Default Easter Ham

On Mar 30, 7:48*pm, Cheryl wrote:
On 3/30/2013 4:52 PM, ImStillMags wrote:

I like the cheddar the best. * There is just something about that
combination that 'clicks'.

I just had a forkful to taste it and OMG it is so good. *This will be a
hit I'm sure. *I'm usually not open minded about savory and sweet, but
the first taste was savory, then it blends to just a little sweet. *It
was so good I had to have another forkful. * Have to save it for
everyone else tomorrow. *lol

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Told ya !!!! :-)

I just finished slicing up and portioning out the rest of that ham.
The ham bone with a goodly portion of meat is going in the freezer for
future use. This one turned out so well, it's very tender.

I baked it at 225 for two hours, covered. I siphoned off and
discarded all the watery juices that came out during those two hours,
you would not believe how much there was. It was 2 inches deep in the
pan. Then I left it uncovered and basted it for another 2.5 hours at

It was just moist enough, not watery, not tough ,not dry and the crust
is I took the drippings from the last baking part combined
with the basting juices and cooled it, skimmed the fat off and that
was the sauce to go with the ham. Dang, I did good.