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Default New Quick and Dirty Dish

Cheri wrote:
: "W. Baker" wrote in message
: ...
: Hi everybody! Last night I made someting so simple and good I thought I'd
: pass it along I am sure it could be improved with a bit of olive oil
: perhaps some nutmeg orother spices and herbs, but i didn't feel like
: bothering to fuss with anything and i had all this spinach and Feta
: cheese.
: Spinach ann Feta
: Alarge bunch of fresh spinach, well washed
: several handfulls of crumbles Feta
: fresh tomatoes(I used a large handful of grape sized tomatoes split)
: Greshly ground black pepper to taste
: Put the spinach in a very large microwave cooking dish and zap until well
: softened and shrunken, but still recognizeable as spinach leaves. while
: this is zapping, put some of the feta and blacke pepper in the bottom of
: the serving dish. place some of the spinach on top along with some of the
: tomatoes and stir ab it. Repeat layers until you run out of spinach. I
: did 3. Take your fork and just snjoy!
: I came out really very good and no real cooking or fussing, which was
: great for me and it made up my whole dinner with teh addition of half an
: American persimmon that ws nice and ribe.
: Wendy

: That sounds really good Wendy, sometimes I like quick and easy a lot!

: Cheri

When cooking for one it is great to have such meals as there is too much
of a tendancy tojust kine of collect crap and call it a meal. If I do
something like baked chicken dishes I generally make at least 2 pieces so
I have it for at least 2 days. sometimes I just lovehavign someone over
becuase it gives me a chance to cook some real adn delicious healthy food,
which I actually enjoy/ I also often do easy eggplant dishes and use that
for 2 days as half a medium eggplant makes a nice amount for a dinner. I
find it often easier to make a vegetable dish like that then to make a
meat or fish and vegetable meal when it is just me.

On something entirely different. today I received a large set of
professional photos taken of my husband in around 2006, when he was all
himself atas illustrations for an interview he had byt some trumpeters
from the Chicago Symphony. as the photos were professional they caught
the absolute essence of my husband at that time and on one of the happiest
days of his old age. He had respectful young men interviewing him and
asking him about his young years in the Sympnony and he got to relive his
youth. the pictures just capture him so well Of course, I wept when I
looked at them, but they are , for me, a great treasure I will cherish.
So glad they were found.