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Default REC? Wild Rice Soup

On Sat, 24 Nov 2012 21:35:36 -0500, jmcquown >

>I've lost the recipe I had and haven't made Wild Rice Soup in at leaswt
>10 years. A Google search turns up all sorts of things, most of which
>include chicken. I'm not talking about chicken & wild rice soup. I'm
>remembering a nice creamy wild rice soup.
>I have about a 1-1/2 cups of cooked wild rice left from when I was
>making the cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving. I could just freeze it
>to use as a side dish with another meal. Or I could make Wild Rice
>Soup. Problem is, I haven't made it in about 10 years and I've
>forgotten how I did it. Silly, I know. Chicken broth, yes, sauted
>onion, garlic, etc. yes. Half & half or cream, yes. But what herbs?
>spices? I know there was more to it than salt & pepper.

Celery, Carrot, 'Shrooms.
You don't want any strong over powering flavors with wild rice, or you
may as well use white rice. I'd thicken with almond flour. Butter for