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Default Sticker shock

cwdjrxyz wrote:

I just received an offer from FinestWine for a few wines. All prices
are listed in Euros per bottle. Also there are shipping charges for
orders under 600 Euros. In the EU one must also pay about 19% VAT.

Petrus 1990 (a Parker 100/100 wine) - 2990;
Petrus 1971 - 1600;
Petrus 1995 - 1490;
Vega Sicilia Unico 1922 - 1600;
Lafite-Rothschild 1975 - 650;

I bought a case of the 1971 Petrus in the mid 1970s for around US$30
per bottle and still have 9 bottles that have been stored properly. I
guess I will have to get along with that, considering the prices given
above. I have a few bottles of the 1975 Lafite, and it has not
impressed me much. If I were buying it now, I can think of many other
ways I could spend 650 Euros that would bring more pleasure.

Depending on your own interests, you could consider selling those wines
on the aftermarket to fund the purchase of other wines that you might
enjoy more. IIRC, Dale has some experience with that '75 Lafite and
came to a similar conclusion as you.

Mark Lipton