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Default 1988 Chateau Lynch Bages

On 8/29/12 1:23 PM, Bi!! wrote:
> Opened last night with grilled local lamb chops 1988 Chateau Lynch
> Bages. Interestingly enough I noticed that htis wine still had the
> original price tag on it showing a price of $28.99 which no doubt was
> a lot for a bottle of wine circa 1990. The wine was still perfect.
> Still a ruby red in the glass with just a hint of pink at the rim.
> Nose of cedar and mildewed wood which blew off in a few minutes and
> after an hour in the decanter it was frangrant with spice box, black
> cherry and cassis with a fair amount fo cedar notes. THe wne was
> smooth as silk with just a hint of tannic grip on the finish. Plenty
> of black fruits and cassis with tobacco and sandalwood flavors at the
> end. Unmistakable as LB. Nice bottle. "A"

Great note, Bill. I've really liked the '88 right bank Bdx that I've
had, including this wine some years ago. Regarding the price, though: I
recall shelling out $40 for the '86 Gruaud-Larose not long after
release, so $28.99 in 1990 for Lynch-Bages doesn't sound bad at all.

Mark Lipton

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