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Default What's Best For The Best Burger?

On Mar 31, 11:50*pm, Bryan wrote:

It's funny, but something about the seasonings used in corned beef
really appeals to my cat. *I can leave almost any food on the table,
and she has no interest. *Even salmon or tilapia would be ignored. *If
it's not cat food, she's not interested, except for corned beef. *An
old GF of mine had a cat that went freakin' ape shit over green
olives. *The cat would jump two feet in the air--or try to--to get an
olive. *Interestingly, the last time my cat acted interested in what I
was eating was cheap deli corned beef. *Today's was one I boiled
myself. *It has to be one spice peculiar to corned beef. *Anyone have
an idea which seasoning that might be?

I'm jumping in here with a theory on the basis of the comments
of your girlriend which are very much like comments of a friend of
mine who has a cat that also will eat nothing but cat food but loves
potato chips and will eat them right out of his hand, and I've seen
it. My theory is that the salt attracts them. But my theory is
quickly taking a seat as now suddenly I remember a cat I used to live
with who loved popcorn. The amount of salt I used was not massive,
which causes me to question my own theory (something any good theorist
does every time) - but there was some salt in the popcorn - so maybe
that's the answer - and even if it isn't, it was a nice theory while
it lasted. There will be more theories on more things in the future
from me.

That is my prediction,