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Martin Golding
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Default Cheap red wine

On Thu, 06 May 2004 23:44:26 -0700, Max Hauser wrote:

> (I don't suppose you folks realize that one of the things that drove the
> beer and wine people away and thus devitalized this venerable old
> newsgroup was grotesque cocktails. )

Let us re-repulse them. I am sipping a glass of a not-too-toxic two dollar
red wine, a Pasco Grion Cabernet. (Their two dollar merlot is barely
drinkable.) As I approach retirement and my tastebuds deteriorate, the
exquisite quality of excellent wines is less enticing than the low budget
impact of Cheap Red Wine.

What is everybody's favorite CRW, how much, and where do you buy it?

Because I gotta save my money for my old aged Scotch,

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