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Default Now Defunct Restaurants

Gary > wrote:
>I rarely go to restaurants but Golden Corral is about my favorite. Price is
>right, food is good with a good variety of offerings, casual family
>atmosphere. At least around here, go on Friday/Saturday nights and a good
>selection of seafood items too.
>I prefer the buffet style restaurants.

Golden Corral seems to be popular in mid west/bible belt farm country;
Dakotas, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska.... billboards start from fifty miles
away, All You Can Eat-$5! I stopped at a Golden Corral once on a
cross country drive, food was good, but you should see the size of
those peeps, guys made The Cable Guy look like a Biafra victim, wimmen
with asses what couldn't sit a John Deere Combine! I lost count how
many times they went for refills. Musta been a Sunday, all wore their
best go to church bib overalls. At $5 I don't know how they stayed in