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Default Now Defunct Restaurants

"Terry Pulliam Burd" > wrote in message
> On Mon, 16 Jan 2012 11:59:00 -0500, "jmcquown" >
> arranged random neurons and said:
>>It's too bad Wayne and Michael (Dog3) aren't posting here anymore. They'd
>>recognize some of these old Memphis restaurants.
>>The Knickerbocker
>>Pete & Sams
>>Buntyn's Cafe
>>Pappy & Jimmy's
>>Britlings Cafeteria
>>99th Bomb Group by the airport
>>The Belmont Grill (made a really good Monte Cristo sandwich!)

> 99th Bomb Group, really??

Sorry! 91st Bomb Group. Next to the airport. Wonderful beer cheese soup.
We'd sometimes make the drive there for lunch... extending the lunch hour by
about 30 minutes

> Another one for your list (IIR the name correctly) was Aga Khan
> (Ghengis Khan?). I loved that place.
> Terry "Squeaks" Pulliam Burd
> --

Hmmm, I don't remember that one. I remember going to Picadilly's cafeteria
in Germantown with co-workers. I used to hate cafeterias; they reminded me
too much of school. I vaguely remember The Hungry Fisherman or Catfish

What about The Shanti (a miniscule steak house) with seating for maybe 8
people? Mis-matched plates, and you ate at a picnic table inside a tiny
shack. It was across the street from putt putt golf. They did have great
steaks, though. They screwed up their business plan and went belly up after
moving to a strip mall to open a larger restaurant. The same thing happened
to Buntyn's when they moved from the original location on Southern to a
strip mall.

What about the Luau? Tiki torches and totem poles in the parking lot.
Slighty down the street from East High School. I never ate there but it was
fun to see driving by. What about the Four Flames in midtown?

There was a great restaurant in Bartlett, TN called The Side Porch. When I
was in my 20's my mother and I used to go shopping then go to The Side Porch
for lunch. They served liver & onions. Mom loved liver & onions. When I
went back to move I took John there on what turned out to be their last day
the restaurant was open. Another good restaurant gone by the wayside. It's
a difficult busness.