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Default Made a new Christmas Candy this year: Eggnog Truffles!

On Dec 7, 12:05*am, JeanineAlyse wrote:

Good to hear your new candy making endeavor was a success. *They sound
very good, bravo!

I was worried at first too! I was afraid I was gonna have to melt the
whole batch of ganache back down and add more something to make it
stiffer to be able to work it. I have another center I;ve had to learn
to work with like that, my mints, because I make them into little
patties so I've learned to cook that fondant to about 240F or 242F to
make it stiff enough, and I refrigerate that and work with it in
little pieces to get it to hold it;s shape while I dip it. But a
ganache is not cooked to temp, it's just melted and mixed.

It turned out a grand success so far. I'll have to see how they keep

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