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Default Chicken Liver Pate

On 11/17/2011 1:13 PM, Sqwertz wrote:

> The idea is to just take the bite off of the onion and garlic, not
> cook them. And most of the thyme will stick to the livers and onions.
> Or you can add that later if you want. But I do tend to trust Jacques
> Pépin over unsolicited advice on the Internet.

Excuse me for living. If you don't want unsolicited advice, don't post
to a newsgroup.

>> I also don't bother brining chicken
>> livers for pate. I add the seasoning later.

> Don't knock what you've never tried. I find that brining them helps
> keep them smooth and creamy, even when I broil them and make rumaki
> (since they tend to overcook in that prep).

You're assuming I haven't tried it. Why are you assuming things?