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Dave Stacy
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I'm going through the process now.
You just wouldn't believe the amount of paperwork involved.

One hint though...
After you go through all the paperwork life does get easier.
Believe it or not it seems the only things the Fed and St agencies are
interested in is the tax money. AND (get this) how well your facility
is secured. They actually have a regulation for the inspectors
regarding the size and type of dead bolts. (Can't have any one
stealing that wine before the tax has been paid on it)

Unless you're planning getting serious and producing a few thousand
gallons or more a year my advice is forget it. It doesn't make sense
to go through all the "bs" to be able to sell a few cases a year.

Nic is right about giving it away. That's a "no-no". The law says for
YOUR and your family household members personal consumption. You can't
give it away.
Just a footnote here.........and ATF agent recently told me that
technically you can't even serve it to friends in your home so that
rules out parties.

Good Luck

Dave Stacy

On Thu, 30 Oct 2003 14:07:46 -0700, "Negodki"

"Nic Smith (Developers)" wrote:

People are now offering money for my wine and i have to refuse them saying
that it is illegal as i have not got a license to sell it.

Technically, it is probably illegal for you to give away homemade wine,
depending upon how the Treasury and courts have defined "personal or family
use". It is certainly illegal to "trade" it for goods or services (including
"favors"). But you are unlikely to be prosecuted unless you offer it for
sale, in which case you are almost certain to be prosecuted.

where could i possibly get a license from to sell my home made wine and

implications would there be in having a license?

In the US, you cannot obtain a license to sell home made wine
( You would have to
become a bonded winery, paying all applicable fees, and submitting all
applicable paperwork. You would also have to comply with a myriad of
regulations (federal and state) dictating how your wine is made, what you
put into it, quantity, quality, alcohol level, bottle sizes, and the shape
and color of your lables. You would also be required to put inaccurate
warning labels on your bottles, reflecting the (politically-motivated)
"science" of the day. You would have to collect and pay all the various
federal, state, and local "sin" taxes, and you would be precluded from
brewing on Sunday in several states.